Brazil -  Our Coffee - Jose Maria De Oliveira

Process:  Honey

Variety: Red Catuai

Tasting Notes:  Milk Chocolate, Red Berries, Brown Sugar, Bananas

Roast: Medium/Dark

Q Grade: 84-86



This Extraordinary coffee is a showcase of the honey processed coffees. The technique of depulping the coffee cherries and drying the bean covered mucilage is done through a very methodical process.

The objective behind the Sugar collection is pure balance. Our Coffees method of processing and selecting the ideal spot on their Serrinha farm allows them the ability to cultivate a coffee that is not only consistent, but delivers both a well rounded balanced acidity and milk chocolate Foundation.


This coffee is grown at elevations range of 1000 - 1250 meters above sea level and is located in the only city in the entire country where the Atlantic Forest converges precisely with the Cerrado Mineiro. Combining both biomes presents an ideal combination of precipitation and acidity from de Cerrado Mineiro soil. Regional micro-climates are also an ideal circumstance that allow this coffee to consistently showcase its uniqueness and versatility as a result of the regional micro-climates. 

This coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified, UTZ Certified, guaranteeing sustainable practices and social and economic benefits to the region of Cerrado Mineiro.


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