Surf Espresso

Blend: Columbia Palmera & Ethiopia Guji Majo

Process:  Washed and Natural

Tasting Notes:  Chocolate, Blood Orange, Sweet

Roast: Medium/Dark

Q Grade: 87-89


Roasters are very proud of the Roasts and Coffees they develop and offer. As a Roaster and Q grader I am no different. I looked at the roast development and blend ratio’s of our Espresso not only based on what I like but based on what any Q grader would find exciting. I have selected two outstanding coffees for our espresso the Columbian Palmera as the base (65%) and the Ethiopian Guji Majo (35%) to add sweetness and brightness.


We at Surf Cafea are proud of our Espresso and when dialed in and pulled properly we feel you and/or your customers will be happy with your selection.

Surf Espresso

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